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Dogs are family and our mission is to provide you with the best dog grooming tools on the market. In order to have the best products, we felt it was necessary to create a We Love Doodles Board of Dog Experts.

You can rest assured that every product on our website is veterinarian-approved, tested by professional dog groomers, and reviewed by pet enthusiasts. You heard that right - every. single. product. 

We are 100% committed to you and your pet. You should be able to groom your dog like a professional without having to worry whether you’re using a quality product. So buy our products with confidence because our team won’t let you down.

Our Veterinarians

Dr. Kelly Hood, Veterinarian, DVM

Dr. Kelly Hood, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, graduated from William Paterson University with a Bachelor of Music degree in 2003. She moved to Florida where she began her veterinary career as a kennel technician at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. She then attended the University of Central Florida for pre-veterinary studies. She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from North Carolina State University in 2019.

While in vet school she volunteered with the ASPCA deploying three times with the medical team to care for animals following hoarding and dog-fighting raids. She spent the last four years at Owl Creek Veterinary Hospital prior to joining Highlands Veterinary Center. Outside of work, she can be found cheering on her son Alex who races motocross, or tending to her own dogs and cats. Her downtime is spent reading, music, hiking, and sewing.

Dr. Joseph Menicucci, Veterinarian, DVM

Dr. Joseph Menicucci is a dedicated veterinarian with a passion for pet wellness. As the creator of Affordable Pet Labs, he's on a mission to provide top-notch healthcare solutions for our furry companions.

Driven by a deep commitment to ensuring the well-being and health of pets, he works tirelessly to ensure that pet products meet the highest standards of quality and safety. With extensive experience in veterinary medicine and a dedication to affordable and accessible pet care, Dr. Menicucci is changing the game for pet owners everywhere.

Dr. Menicucci previously worked as a veterinarian for Straley Veterinary Clinic, Fort Morgan Veterinarian Clinic, and Trans Ova Genetics. His dog's name is Bruin.

Dr. Carla Germano, Veterinarian, DVM

Dr. Carla Germano is a veterinarian at Newtown Square Veterinary Hospital. She attended Villanova University for her bachelors degree and Rutgers University for her post-bachelors degree. She then got her veterinarian degree from University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Germano is a primary and emergency care veterinarian to companion species where she performs soft tissue surgeries and regular dental procedures.

She previously worked at Companion Pet Hospital and Radnor Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Carla has approved our dog shampoos and dog detangler formulas.

Our Other Experts

Garrett Yamasaki, Founder

Garrett Yamasaki founded the original We Love Doodles blog back in 2016 when he was searching for a Goldendoodle puppy. There was a ton of misinformation on the web about doodles and dog breeders, so Garrett decided to create to help educate the public about this relatively new and fast growing breed. His blog quickly grew to over 1,000,000 pageviews per month.

In 2019, Garrett decided to create the best affordable dog grooming products which is when he started the We Love Doodles Shop. He works with the rest of the experts on our board to create the products.

Garrett has a mini F2B Goldendoodle named Kona. In his spare time, he enjoys fostering other dogs, volunteering at the humane society, and studying search engine optimization.

Robin Morehouse, Professional Dog Groomer

Robin Morehouse is a professional dog groomer with over 30 years of experience. She's been a self-employed dog groomer since 1992 and loves everything about dog grooming.

She was born into a dog show family training dogs in AKC Performance Sports. She graduated New York School of Dog Grooming in 1998 at 20 years old.

Aside form dog grooming, Robin also breeds Lagotto Romagnolo dogs. She's been an AKC Ethical Breeder of Lagotto's since 2008. Additionally, she has exhibited and title many dogs to an AKC championship.

Robin is one of our content creators. She regularly tests and uses our products when grooming her dogs.

Kona, Mascot, Product Tester

Kona Bear is Garrett's F2B Mini Goldendoodle that was born in 2019. When he’s not playing fetch Chuck It balls, he’s cuddling on the couch.

If Kona could talk, he would demand more treats, belly rubs, and to go to the dog park. He’s arguably the most spoiled Golden Doodle in the world, but he tests all the products that we recommend.

Kona is the dog who gives the paws up or paws down! He personally tests all the products that we launch in our store.

What Does This Mean For You?

Vet Approved Products

You can rest assured that our products are vet approved and used by professional dog groomers on a daily basis.

Designed in the USA

All of our products are designed in the USA. All our liquid products are manufactured at our facilities in Connecticut. You can resst assured you're getting a quality product.

100% Happiness Guarantee

If you or your dog aren't satisfied with any of our products, we will provide you with a full refund - no questions asked. Buy with confidence.