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We Love Doodles is dedicated to providing you with the best dog grooming products. With a focus on quality and affordability, our dog grooming products allow your furry friend to look and feel their best! We believe a clean dog is a happy dog.


Garrett Yamasaki and Kona, F2B mini Goldendoodle, founded We Love Doodles in 2016 as one of the smallest dog blogs in the world, dedicated to educating and sharing doodle related information. Now, we have over a million monthly website views on our blog and we cover all dog breeds - not just doodles! Our passion and dedication to dogs led us to create our e-commerce brand in 2019.

Since then, we have produced top-notch dog grooming products starting with our slicker brush. We’ve hired professional dog groomers, veterinarians, and other dog professionals to help us craft the perfect products.


Our mission is simple: To support you by providing the best dog grooming tools so your pup looks and feels their best!

You should easily be able to groom your dog like a professional. We Love Doodles provides you with the tools and education to care for your dogs to ensure they look and feel their best. As dog enthusiasts and veterinarians, we understand that the right tools make all the difference. We aim to support your furry companion with the best dog grooming supplies.


Our team of expert veterinarians, professional dog groomers, and dog enthusiasts  are dedicated to delivering the products for your furry companion. With years of experience in the field, our team of experts knows how to create products that benefit you and your pet, ensuring wagging tails wherever life takes you!


Team Overview

Garrett Yamasaki, Founder

Dr. Kelly Hood, Veterinarian

Dr. Joseph Menicucci, Veterinarian

Dr. Carla Germano, Veterinarian

Robin Morehouse, Professional Dog Groomer

Kona, Mascot, Product Tester

How We Help You and Your Pet

As a team of veterinarians and pet enthusiasts, we are 100% dedicated to helping you become the best dog parent possible. We carefully research and design products that ensure you have the best dog grooming and pet care tools that are easy to use. When you shop at We Love Doodles, you receive only the best for your pet.

Extraordinary Products

Every We Love Doodles product has been carefully crafted, tested, and is veterinarian-approved. One of our top-selling products, the slicker brush, took ten iterations to meet its current model. We rigorously test and ensure every product delivers exceptional value to our customers at We Love Doodles.

Exceptional Support

We Love Doodles is dedicated to ensuring you and your dog’s satisfaction. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer support. Whether you have a question or want to return an item, our dedicated customer support team is here to provide unparalleled service. Feel free to reach out to us here.

100% Happiness Guarantee

Our team of dog enthusiasts and veterinarians is dedicated to only delivering the best tools and resources for you and your pets. At We Love Doodles, we stand behind our products and offer a 100% happiness guarantee, allowing you to have confidence in our brand. If you or your dog are not happy, we’re not happy.

Experience the We Love Doodles Difference

Our team of experts at We Love Doodles is passionate about what we do and our products. With high-quality materials and a focus on convenience and affordability, We Love Doodles is your best choice for pet care. Experience the We Love Doodles Difference today!


When you shop at We Love Doodles, what you see is what you get. You can trust that we will be honest, reliable, and transparent with all we do and offer.

Community Support

To date, we’ve donated over 1,000 products ($20,000+) to various humane societies and dog rescues around the United States. 2% of our profits will be donated.


We understand the importance of trust, especially when finding the best products for your pet. That’s why we have hired vets and professional dog groomers to test our products.

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