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The ONLY slicker brush you will ever need. Turn tangles into smooth hair & give your dog a professionally groomed look with We Love Doodles Slicker Brush.

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⦁ Eliminate Tangles, Knots, & Mats - Our small dog brush for long haired dogs makes quick work of messy fur to have your puppy feeling their best. Dog brush for Goldendoodle friends works best as a dog brush for matted hair & a dog brush for shedding.
⦁ Professional Quality Dog Grooming - A brush that stands above a traditional small slicker brush for dogs our slicker brush for Goldendoodles is designed to easily work through dense & long coats. The ergonomic handle on our slicker brush for small dogs gives you a pet cleaner slicker brush that is easy on your hand & wrist.
⦁ Doodle Loving Design - As a puppy brush for small dogs or a large dog brush for big dogs we designed our long bristle slicker brush for dogs so that every doodle loves it. Use as a poodle brush for grooming dog brush, Goldendoodle brush for curly hair dogs, Labradoodle brush, or any other dog brush for doodles in your life!
⦁ Longer & Softer Pins - Each of our long pin slicker brush for dogs has soft pins on your dog pin brush measuring close to 1 inch long each for deeper softer brushing. To protect your doodle we bent & angled (at approximately 45 degrees) each pin so it won’t scratch your dog’s skin as you brush them head to tail.

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 We Love Doodles

Remove all knots, tangles, and mats from your dog! Additionally, the slicker brush will capture all excess
dog hair shedding!

After brushing your dog, they will have radiant-looking hair that is free of all tangles!

Each pin is bent and angled (at approximately 45 degrees) so it won’t scratch your dog’s skin.

"Worth every penny. Saves time & removes tangles."

I am a professional dog groomer and this amazing slicker brush has become an essential part of our grooming routine. I'm absolutely thrilled with the results it delivers. It's extremely effective at removing tangles and mats. It has more pins than your average slicker brush which helps saves time and painless removes more mats. Overall, the the We Love Doodles slicker brush has exceeded my expectations. It's a must-have tool for any dog owner, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. Five stars just don't do it justice! It's also half the price of the Chris Christensen dog brush.

- Hannah M

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Designed For Long haired dogs

Long & Curved Pins

Most traditional slicker brushes snag, scratch, and pull hair. Our slicker brush has long and curved pins that glide through a dog's coat removing tangles, knots, and matts.

Long ergonomic handle

Our slicker brush has a 7 inch ergonomic handle with a very comfortable grip, minimising wrist strain. This long pin brush is suitable for all dog breeds with medium and long coats, but is particularly effective for Poodle and Doodle coats which are prone to tangles and matts.

50% Faster Grooming

Our slicker brush has 50% more pins than traditional dog brushes. This means more efficient dog grooming!

See Our Slicker brush in action!

"The We Love Doodles slicker brush is a total game changer. It will easily remove knots, tangles, and mats. This slicker brush has 50% longer, denser, and softer pins."

- Melissa & Chewy

"This is the best one that we found so far from We Love Doodles. It doesn't hurt your dog and it takes out all the tangles and knots."

- Peyton & Buddy

"This slicker brush works through dense and long coats removing more hair than traditional slicker brushes. It's made of high quality wood and premium paint."

- Zhade & Max