Dog Ear Swabs

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  • DOUBLE-SIDED TIPS: Our dog ear swabs have a small and large tip that clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • 6 INCH DOG EAR SWABS: Our long swabs for dogs are the best way to clean dog ears due to the extensive reach.
  • SOFT & GENTLE COTTON: Our swabs for pets are designed to effectively remove dirt, wax, and other debris from your dog's ears.
  • LARGE QUANTITY: Each pack contains 50 pet swabs that give you plenty of product for long-term use.
  • We Love Doodles PROMISE: At We Love Doodles we stand by our products & offer a full refund warranty if you experience any issues. Contact us through email and we will be happy to assist you. 100% happy doodle owners is what we strive for!

Introducing our doubled-sided dog ear swabs - the perfect solution for keeping your dog's ears clean and healthy. Our dual-sided ear swabs are made with soft and gentle cotton that is designed to effectively remove dirt, wax, and other debris from your dog's ears without causing any discomfort.

Each dog ear swab is also 6 inches long. We highly recommend the use of our ear swabs with either our dog ear wash cleaner or our dog ear serum. Our ear swabs are specifically designed for dogs and are gentle enough for regular use. The soft cotton is highly absorbent and can effectively clean and dry the ear canal to help prevent ear infections and other ear-related issues.

The unique shape of our double-sided swabs allows for easy access to hard-to-reach areas of the ear canal, making cleaning a breeze. There is a small and large side that will make cleaning easy. Our product is easy to use and safe, and it's a great addition to your pet's grooming routine. Each pack contains 50 double-sided swabs, giving you plenty of product for long-term use.

Our dog ear swabs are the perfect solution for pet owners who want to keep their furry friend's ears clean and healthy. Order now and start taking care of your pet's ears today!